The percentage of world's population living in unhealthy air.
The number of deaths from air pollution every day.

That's one every five seconds.
The percentage certainty that climate change is shrinking our glaciers.

Reducing outdoor air pollution helps mitigate near and long-term climate change.
It’s also destroying our planet
Yet, this problem is entirely man-made,

and entirely reversible.

At Kaiterra, we create high-accuracy

air quality monitors for consumers,
businesses and industrial use.

The aggregate data generated by these devices is combined with government-collected data, weather models and satellite imagery.
We track, visually, how pollution is being created, how it is moving, and work to
identify specific sources. This information can be used to take action and reduce
pollution sources.
The result: skies that are bluer and a happier planet

As a health focused concept it’s important that we create an environment where our customers feel confident in not only what they are eating and drinking but also with the air they are breathing. Beijing can be a tough place to manage this but with Kaiterra air filters and their Laser Egg display we are able to improve the air in our restaurants significantly, and we hope our customers and staff benefit from this effort. We have been using their products for over two years now and couldn’t be happier with the design and functionality of both the filters and the egg. Highly recommend.

in50 Studio
in50 Studio

It's easy to use and has a nice design.

CrossFit Slash
CrossFit Slash

A must-have. We show real time air quality to our clients using the Laser Egg so they know we take their health seriously.

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