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Have you been searching for your next career move or your next adventure? What if we said you can combine the two? Consider an opportunity with a venture-backed startup that’s tackling one of the world’s biggest problems: air pollution.

Come to Beijing for a year (or longer!), learn Chinese, get immersed in the culture, all-the-while keeping your day job (or at least a new one). Get thrown in the deep end, or wade in, depending on what you want – we work in English and Chinese.

3 reasons we love Beijing, and you should too!

  • History and culture. As China’s epicenter for over 3,000 years, experience a well-preserved and culturally rich city that attracts millions of tourists each year.

  • Growth. This vibrant city is constantly changing: new concepts, ideas and tech are being innovated right here in Beijing! Living in a completely new city presents countless opportunities for personal growth that you may never have imagined.

  • Now is the time. China has positioned itself on the international stage and people from all over the world come to Beijing to expand their businesses, contribute to trade and expand their personal networks.. China is going to be a huge part of the future, and you should get in on it (there are now more unicorns in China than in the US)! Your time in China will give you invaluable experiences that will open doors down the road, and you’ll also have a great time.

Be a part of a team that is changing the way people breathe. We work hard and celebrate each milestone. We’re adventurous, passionate, fast learners and not afraid of challenges. We’re working on behalf of the 92% of the world’s population that is exposed to dangerous air pollution and protecting the 17,280 people that die from air pollution every single day.. We build amazing devices to measure the air and use that data to understand sources of pollution, so that we can work with the right organizations to help stop pollution at the source.

Why you should join us:

  • We work in a super hip courtyard in the hutongs, and did we mention the air in our office is always clean?
  • We are a diverse team from Canada, China, Switzerland, France, India and USA who have previously worked for Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, etc.
  • We work on Google, Slack, Trello.
  • We help you with your move, whether that’s getting a visa, finding a an apartment, or setting up Chinese lessons.

Wait no more. Take charge. Tackle challenges. Create solutions. If you like to get things done, you’ll like it here. Every day we are building and creating new things that will help improve the way people understand their environment. We’re committed to career opportunity and personal growth.

If this sounds like an opportunity for you, feel free to get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

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