Apr 14, 2017

BEIJING, CHINA (14 April 2017) – Kaiterra (formerly Origins), the creator of the popular Laser Egg, is launching its second generation product, Laser Egg 2. The Laser Egg 2 is a high-accuracy air quality monitor for home use that includes Apple HomeKit support for simple and secure home control. Users can now ensure that air quality in their homes meets their targets right from their iPhone, iPad,
Apple Watch, or voice using Siri.

The Laser Egg 2 measures PM2.5, the particulate matter often found in smog, as well as temperature and humidity. It displays this information on a full-color LCD screen.

“Users can now guarantee clean air in their homes by conveniently and securely controlling and monitoring their Laser Egg 2 without needing to touch the appliances after setup — simply ask Siri about the current air quality!”

– Liam Bates, CEO of Kaiterra

Users can set up their Laser Egg 2 in just a few simple steps using the Apple Home app or Kaiterra app, pair it securely with their iPhone or iPad, control it via Siri, and connect it to other HomeKit enabled devices such smart plugs, lighting, fans, window shades and more through scenes or automations. For example, with the Laser Egg 2 and a smart plug, you can set your air purifier to automatically turn on
if the PM2.5 levels rise, or turn on a humidifier when the air is too dry.

An Android version of the app will be released in late April, and planned future integrations with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and Google Home will also bring smart home connectivity to Android users.

Product features include:

  • High-accuracy measurement of PM2.5 in real-time using laser-based light scattering
  • Temperature and humidity readings
  • Advanced security with end-to-end encryption and authentication between the Laser Egg 2 and iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch
  • Ask Siri: how is the air quality in your home
  • Change the language, AQI standard and screen brightness of your Laser Egg
  • View current weather and three day weather forecasts on the Laser Egg’s screen
  • Monitor multiple Laser Eggs and set alerts for when they exceed your air quality targets
  • Laser Egg 2 connects supports both iOS and Android devices via the Kaiterra app

Kaiterra announces Laser Egg 2+ crowdfunding campaign

The company is also launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for a high end version of the device, the Laser Egg 2+. This version measures PM2.5 pollutants like its more basic model as well as TVOCs, a growing source of health concerns, and a known carcinogen.

A common source of TVOCs is emissions from building and furnishing materials, including paint, wood, and wood-based products such as medium-density fibreboard, particle board, and plywood, all of which contain phenol–formaldehyde or urea–formaldehyde resin glues. Formaldehyde exposure in China remains high, at least one study shows*.

PM2.5 and TVOCs are hard to manage simultaneously because of their different sources: PM2.5 often comes from outside the home, while TVOCs are typically given of by sources inside the home. It is important to know how, when, and how often you need to air your house, in order to obtain the optimal balance.

“Air pollution is the world’s largest single preventable health risk, according to the WHO. We’re really excited to be playing a part in tackling this problem, and helping people around the world understand and improve the environment around them.”
-Liam Bates, CEO of Kaiterra.

*(L. Zhang et al. / Mutation Research 681 (2009) 150–168). During the period 2002-2004, more than 69.4% of all newly built or remodelled houses had indoor formaldehyde levels exceeding the national standard.

Kaiterra, monitoring and mapping the world’s air

Kaiterra is the new brand of the Beijing-based startup whose Laser Egg made precision home air quality monitoring affordable.

Kaiterra creates high-accuracy air quality monitors for consumers, businesses and industrial use. The aggregate data generated by these devices is combined with government-collected data, weather models and satellite imagery to show, visually, how pollution is being created, how it is moving, and to identify specific sources. This information can then be used to take action and reduce pollution sources. The result: skies that are bluer and a happier planet.

Where to buy the Laser Egg 2 and Laser Egg 2+

Laser Egg 2 will be available in late April at the Apple Stores, Apple.com/cn, JD.com, Amazon.cn and on Kaiterra’s company website (www.kaiterra.com), as well as on the Kaiterra WeChat account.

Laser Egg 2 is also sold online in a number of countries outside China, including Germany, Sweden, India, Indonesia and others.

The TVOC-enabled Laser Egg 2+ is being launched as a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in late April. The product will ship worldwide in June 2017.

The original Laser Egg will remain available for purchase on the Kaiterra website.

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