Apr 11, 2018

Healthy buildings, made simple. The Sensedge by Kaiterra delivers accurate air quality monitoring to commercial projects in order to meet stringent indoor building standards.

The Sensedge is the first IAQ monitor designed and engineered for the globally recognized RESET™ Air Standard for Commercial Interiors.

Beijing, China (April 11, 2018) – Kaiterra (www.kaiterra.com), a leading air quality monitoring company, today announced the launch of its first commercial IAQ monitor, the Sensedge. Designed for accurate, continuous, and secure tracking of indoor air quality, the Sensedge is the world’s first IAQ monitor developed for the globally recognized RESET™ Air Standard for Commercial Interiors. Real-time monitoring allows users to track and optimize their indoor air quality, in order to ensure a comfortable and healthy environment for all occupants.

Most people spend about 90% of their day indoors. Having a healthy environment is key to their comfort and productivity, and helps with employee retention. Being able to get real-time information is integral to ensuring healthy indoor air quality. A responsive system allows building owners and facility managers to maximize asset values, generate energy savings, and gain the best performance of the filtration systems.

Building on Kaiterra’s industry-leading experience in air quality monitoring, the Sensedge offers a complete IAQ monitor for commercial needs, including PM2.5, TVOC, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity, with a touchscreen display. The Sensedge allows users to access historical data, helping inform building design, construction, and operations.

The Sensedge is designed for all commercial interiors. Features include:

  • Real-time, accurate monitoring of PM2.5, CO2, TVOC, temperature, and humidity
  • Continuous data collection via a cloud-based server and local storage
  • End-to-end encryption for secure data transfer
  • Maximum user security with SSL/TLS encryption, password protection, and customized user permissions
  • Multiple data export methods over e-mail, micro-SD card, and USB, as well as support for both Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Simple, intuitive user experience offered with touchscreen control, easy-to-navigate displays, and support for multiple languages
  • Easy installation and maintenance with replaceable sensors and built-in notification system — with no calibration necessary
  • Support for various network configurations, including company proxy servers, hidden SSIDs, and captive portals
  • Customizable sensors to meet project-specific needs.

As the industry-first IAQ monitor engineered to meet the RESET™ Air Standard for Commercial Interiors, the Sensedge simplifies and supports building operations and facility management. It can be installed easily  for any new or existing interior, such as offices, hotels, retail spaces, real estate, hospitals, and schools, to effectively ensure the health, well-being, and performance of all occupants.

Kaiterra co-founder and CEO Liam Bates shared, “At Kaiterra, we’re tackling environmental challenges with data-driven solutions. With the launch of the Sensedge, we’re excited to expand our vision, by working closely with architects and developers to transform the indoor environment.”


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